Monday, September 4, 2017

Journaling my thoughts in a book

I have been so humbled that people  have been so excited about my book. While I recognize that it's not going to be a New York times best seller, I'm thrilled that it's on Amazon Kindle, Amazon hard book,  Nook, Barnes and Noble hard copy, Books a Million, etc.  My hope is that if just one missionary, or one person gets insight into what missions is truly like, I'm super excited about that.

It was so fun to write the book, and the fact that more than 1 person actually purchased it and read it, made it worth my time.  I recently had a pastor contact me and tell me that he used chapters in my book as topics for his preaching, and has asked that I come to his church and talk more about it.

Many a counselor has said to journal to help express your feelings and thoughts. I've never been a fan of that, but blogging has been my version of journaling.   So, funny stories, hard stories, challenging stories - check it out if you haven't already - come along for the ride and see what it's really like to live as a missionary in a 3rd world country.  Be challenged, excited, saddened, and encouraged.  

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