Monday, January 28, 2013

Dr. Roger - Director Of Our Medical Clinic

Dr. Roger Guillén is our new full-time doctor. He will treat patients and manage our permanent medical clinic located in Armenia Bonito, outside of La Ceiba, Honduras.

Watch this 3 minute & 30 second video to see an interview with Dr. Roger:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Day in the life

I wake up, often times by an alarm clock, have a list of "things to do" and work to get to that I once in awhile forget the beauty that surrounds me.

I have to go to the bank to pay my rent, only to find out that the new contract hasn't been put into the system.  Call my "guy" and he says, "okay, it's good."  I go back, wait again, only to find out it STILL isn't in the bank.  To the store and there is NO milk.  I don't mean just a little, I mean NO milk.  And what else?  No chicken breast.  Seriously?!  Three stores later I finally manage to get the milk I went out to get, and the package of frozen chicken breast.  I get frustrated, and then, I pull up to my house and I gaze at this (see above picture)...and it's amazing...I take a deep breath and remember why I'm here in the first place.  Life isn't easy here.  It's full of difficulties, no electricity, no dryer, no dishwasher, scads of poor people asking for the bare necessities EVERY DAY.  It's exhausting.  The medical care (I'm just going to say it) SUCKS!  People die needlessly, babies are born premature only to die because of the lack of medical care, people with cancer have almost no chance, children starve, or are so severely malnourished they are unable to learn in school.  Doctors on strike, military not paid, corruption overwhelming  the government, and yet, here we are.  In the middle of it all.  I drive up to my house and glance at the incredible landscape that I have been given to see every day.  And it STILL takes my breath away.  Almost 5 years later I stare in awe at the beauty of this country I have come to work in.  All I can say - thank you!  I am privileged, humbled, and walk amongst people who are dirt poor but have so much joy in their lives.  I am here at the calling of God - to serve His people how He would see fit - not my decision, but His.  Thank you God!  Wow.

'Nuff said!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Church Plant In Honduras

In Armenia Bonito, outside of La Ceiba, Honduras, is the first church plant of the Presbyterian Church in Honduras. Meet Jesús Caseres, the pastor of the church in Armenia Bonito.

Watch a 2 minute & 30 second interview with Jesús:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

School Supplies In Honduras - 2013

On January 19, 2013 we provided school supplies for 502 Honduran kids. This gift, given just two weeks before the beginning of the school year, made attending school a reality. This is the 5th year in a row we have supplied school supplies for this community.

Watch this 2 minute, 45 second video to see the happy kids:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why is a clinic so important?

The clinic is near completion.  We have 100% support for our doc's pay, but still are a LONG way away from getting the money for our laboratory supplies.  Here is something from Honduras news:

"Between 1,200 and 1,600 surgeries per week may soon have to be suspended at Honduras' 28 public hospitals for lack of basic operating materials. The head of the central warehouse for medications, Maritza Solorzano, said today that her facility finds itself in a precarious situation.

"We no long have basic materials for the operating rooms, including [the anesthesia drug] Sofloran. This is worrisome because the tender for the purchase of this product has not even been published, and that means that there may be a long-term shortage in the supply of this drug," stressed Ms. Solorzano.

Ms. Solorzano noted that there is a long list of drugs that are no longer in stock. "I don't know how the population will be affected from February onward," she said.

 [the Ministry of Health] is still paying the bills for last year. She pointed out that "the close of 2012 has been extremely difficult for the Ministry with regard to its finances, with a budget deficit of Lps 919 million (US$46 million) through September".

Please consider giving toward the lab supplies of the clinic in Armenia Bonito.  It will go a LONG way in helping keep people healthy and bring medicine to those who are in desperate need.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roadside consult

On my way back from clinic today I drove by one of the many police checkpoints that are in La Ceiba. Their job is to randomly select cars and check for correct registration, drugs, guns, etc.  I rarely get pulled over once they see I'm a female and a gringa.  Today, my windows rolled up (with DARK tint).  Typically I roll my windows down, they see me, wave me on, and I never stop.  Today, he pulled me over before he saw me.  However, once he saw me in scrubs, with meds in the back of my truck, instead of a normal "where are you coming from....where are you going...can I see your registration" I got, "Where do you work?  Do you have any medicine for a cough and cold?  Oh...and my wife has a cold too...can you help us out?"  What's a girl to do when the police ask?  I hop out of the car, and get him what he needs.  To make it even more friendly, I asked how many children were in his house, and provided the entire house hold with vitamins.  All in a days work!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Armenia Bonito Property Spring 2013 Update

Here is an update of the two acre ministry center we are constructing in Armenia Bonito, located in La Ceiba, Honduras. This facility will contain a high school, church, medical clinic and a multi-use building.

Watch this 3 minute, 15 second video to see the ministry center:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


"God is amazing and delights to give us good things!  He is a big God and we should remember to ask for big things.  If ever a ministry was blessed by God, the ministry is Honduras surely is!"  Some incredible words said by my sweet friend Mindy.  She has been with us since WAY before we started this "mission stuff", and has seen the way God continues to pour out His blessing to His work here in Honduras.  I would definitely say it's very clear that God wants us right here where He put us.

We are already on the go for support raising for lab equipment for the clinic.  I really would like to have equipment to check for malaria, anemia, a full blood count, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.  Truly a one-stop-shop.  Right now people have to go into town, pay for their labs, wait up to a week at times, then return to the lab to get their results, and finally bring them to me.  At times that means their results are already a week+ old!  Not overtly helpful.  If I can have a full lab at the clinic, then we can run them immediately!  Click HERE TO DONATE toward lab equipment.

In the other fundraising department, after some very generous donors, we are 100% full funded for Dr. Roger's pay for 2013.

The clinic should be open soon and I couldn't be happier!  After hauling boxes around for 4 1/2 years, to have a permanent place is going to be an incredible blessing for the people in La Ceiba and the surrounding area.  Praise to God from whom all blessings flow!