Friday, January 30, 2009

Pamper day for the girls's been a long time in planning - but it's finally going to come into fruition. Jamie and I have come up with the idea to host a "pamper the girls" day. Not the local missionaries, but the young girls out in Armenia Bonito. These girls don't use shampoo - can't afford it - typically it's a bar of soap or nothing. Neither do they get their hair cut - unless it's a quick snip with a random rusty pair of scissors. So - this is our plan - take the girls down to the river - have a shampoo station, a conditioner station, a hair-cut station, hand and foot scrub station, then fingernail and toenail paint station. After we have primped them all up, we plan on renting a bus and driving them to a local Lions Club (yes...believe it or not there is one here) and projecting a movie up on the wall - treat them with pizza, popcorn, drinks, etc. It's going to be a GREAT day! The planned day is February 28th.

How fun! "I want to be involved!" Well - here is your opportunity! Send our way body spritz bottles, shampoo, conditioner, nail files, fingernail polish, cute hair clips, ribbons, barrettes, you get the idea! But - you have to send it soon! Takes a good 14 days for stuff to get our way! What we don't receive we are going to have to purchase, so we need to know what is going to be available. Where to send it? Erin Pettengill P.O. Box 1090 La Ceiba, Honduras. That's it! Then sit back and watch the fun when we post the video from the event!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


On Friday evenings Mike attends a Youth Group called FLAME. This is a great ministry organized by a Honduran and his missionary wife. Mike assists the ministry by building relationships with the youth, organizing games and occasionally preaching. Mike made a video for FLAME in an effort to promote interest.

Take a look at this 2 minute and 40 second video to learn about the FLAME youth ministry:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Women's Bible Study

If you want to see what's going on with our womens bible study, please check out my other blog, Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras.

Also, I can't help but link you to this article - it's incredible! It was sent to me by a friend in the States. This is the title:

As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God. Missionaries, not aid money, are the solution to Africa's biggest problem - the crushing passivity of the people's mindset.

Take the time to read it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just an update blog. Our boss, Mark, and two other folks from Mission to the World have just left back to the states. Our team mates, the McCann's have found a house, and will be moving in the first week of February. Next week continues with our two English classes, our mobile clinic, and the Kids Club. We are running all the time, but we are all loving what we are doing. I continue to fight with my allergies, Mike has been feeling a little run-down, Madison is doing well. Please continue to pray for us during this month as it's going to continue to be busy, busy, busy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

This week

A picture of the whole team (minus the kids - Madison was in school, and Lukas and Noah were playing, and Ellie was asleep)

This week we have had the privilege of having our boss, Mark Thompson, from the States. He is accompanied by Rich Wolfe, and Steve Collins. This week has been full of team training on conflict management, team development, and a special 2-day training on recognizing and preventing child sexual abuse, a program called Darkness to Light. We look forward to see how we can implement this program in Honduras. Sexual abuse is a huge problem here, and being able to equip adults from teachers, to pastors, to lay leaders is a prayer we have.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

School Supplies In Armenia Bonito

In Honduras only 1/3 of kids go to school beyond the 6th grade. The primary reason for this is that free public education does not exist beyond the 6th grade. Many families cannot afford to send their kids to school. In an effort to provide education as an affordable option for some families we gathered together school supplies for over 300 kids.

The school year starts in February so we just distributed those supplies to the kids of Armenia Bonito. Take a look at this 2 minute and 45 second video to see how it went.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gringo church

Every Sunday, typically, consists of attending a local Spanish speaking church, then coming back to our house and having what we lovingly call "gringo church". This started out in Honduras with just the three of us - Madison, Mike and myself. However, with the arrival of our new team mates, and other missionaries in the area that desire to hear The Word and sing praise and worship songs in our heart language, we were up to 20 people yesterday! This just goes to show how important it is to hear God's words in your own language, even if you understand another language.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

ESL and Playing

Mike hanging with some kids after English class

Some young kids from our class.

Today we started our first ESL class on Saturdays. We had many people who had come on the Tuesday class that are taking advantage of English being offered twice a week. We also had many new people come. Andy, one of our interns, is taking the young children and teaching them English songs. Josh, another intern, has a class with kids from 15 to about 30. Billy, another person who has been working with us, helped out with pronunciation. This was an introduction class for the 10-week class. We are excited because this brings people in, we teach bible verses and evangelism throughout the class time. While everyone was teaching English, I made a home visit. This is an elderly woman with a severe leg wound. I have been debreeding/scrubbing this wound, she is on antibiotics, and I've been doing dressing changes on her leg for quite some time. As she has no money to go to the doctor, this is providing her with medication she would otherwise be unable to afford. I will continue to see her until this wound is healed.

Tomorrow our boss from the States arrives - Mark Thompson. He, along with two other folks from Mission to the World, will be joining us for the week. We are thrilled to have them here to see what ministry is going on and to fellowship, and do some additional training.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clinic day and more additions

Today we had our mobile clinic - we saw 69 patients today. Some pretty sick kids came through. I'm seeing a diabetic patient who has a severe leg wound. It's been treated, but time for a trip to the doctor. The benefit with seeing me is they don't have to go an hour into town and pay to be seen. At least here I can see them and if the treatment they need is more than I am able to give, than at least they know that they haven't had to go in and pay money they don't have.

Today our other team mates, The McCann's arrived! We are excited to finally have our ENTIRE team here! It's so exciting to see how God is going to use us all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting ready...

In two days our new team mates, The McCann's, will be arriving. Almost all of the items we brought back from the States have been put away and just in time as they will be staying with us until they find a house. We have looked at a number of houses, but it's difficult knowing if it's exactly what they are looking for. The wonderful thing is we have a place for them to stay. So begins the end of the huge influx of team mates. In a few weeks after everyone has settled in we will be full blast with everyone - and everyone involved in the ministry work! God is working here!

Our newly built bunkbeds with linen on them for the first time. Just waiting for The McCann's to arrive:

Our boss, Mark Thompson, will also be joining us on Saturday. He will be joined with another member from MTW, Rich Wolfe. A great week of reuniting with folks from The States. We can't wait!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adding on

Things are going a little crazy around here! We have been busy bees. Friday was more catch-up, more sorting of materials we received from the States; Saturday we took the day off and went to a local hotel that has a swimming pool, and sits on the beach. We all enjoyed a relaxing day in the sun, until the rain clouds decided to come. We ate lunch, then packed up and came back home. In the afternoon we welcomed another family that has come to La Ceiba. They are a family of 8 who has a coffee ministry in Copan. However, they want to come do some ministry work in La Ceiba first before they head off permanently to Copan. Took a bit of doing to find the right place to house 8 folks and a dog, but we did so. Today I took everyone to church - all 17 of us - we had a great time at church. Jamie, Josh, and Andy went to check out a new swimming hole, while I tried to catch up with Continuing Education Units I need to maintain my nursing license. Everyone will be coming over around 5:00 for a time of singing and prayer. Mike returns tomorrow - and the crazyness continues!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today we held our weekly medical clinic. We saw over 66 patients today. One of the exciting patients I saw today was the baby of a mother I have been following. She came to my original pregnancy clinic back in August. I've watched her throughout her pregnancy, been following her, supplied pre-natal vitamins for her, and now she came to have her new baby seen by me. It was such a blessing to me. We are now starting to be able to see people through all stages of their lives.

Mike is still back in the states. He will be attending a missions conference this weekend at Covenant Community Church of Scottsdale. He is enjoying his time, but missing home as well. We are anxiously awaiting his return.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"New" friends

Sorry I've not been posting pictures, Mike has the camera and is still in the States. He will be returning on Monday, so pictures will continue once again.

Today we were out in Armenia Bonito passing out flyers for our upcoming events. We will be having English classes twice a week, and kids program, and continuing our mobile medical clinics. Tomorrow we will be meeting with the director of the local school in Armenia Bonito to coordinate when we will be passing out all the supplies for the kids when they start school.

Tonight we had dinner with a family, The Tippy's. This is a great young Christian family that has come to Honduras to learn Spanish, and to see what God has planned for them. We have talked via the internet for quite some time, but today we all met in person for the first time. So they are "new" friends but it already seems like we've known them a long time. Let's hear it for modern technology! The Severinghouses (our new team mates - Bob, Christina, Lukas, and Noah) Jamie, Josh, Andy, the Tippy's (Amanda, Jarod, Jude and Lucy), Madison and I made a good gathering of 13 people over for dinner. It was a GREAT time of fellowshiping and getting to know one another. We look forward to see what God has planned for everyone's time here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Work!

No rest for the weary - today we finished up doing some shopping for our new team mates, then hit the roads of Armenia Bonito. Continued teaching the English class at the orphanage, and reconnected with a lot of friends. We ate baleadas, and introduced the Severinghouses (our team mates) to our favorite family out in Armenia. Tomorrow we are going to flyer the community for upcoming English classes and the Kids club that is starting next week.

Still haven't put my Christmas tree away yet - no time - maybe this weekend. Please keep us in prayer as this month is very busy with lots going on, and we don't want to lose focus on the reason we are here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Arrival home!

We did it - after almost 22 hours from door front in Arizona to door front in Honduras, we made it home! And a HUGE HUGE HUGE praise to God! ALL 12 of our checked bags arrived - we didn't have to pay a DIME in customs - got our full 90 day visa - had a van drive us home and help unload for only $25.00. When we arrived at our home - what did we find? The entire outside of our house and front gate had been newly painted - and our dog Max?!?! He's a GIANT! I can't believe the growth in just the two weeks we have been gone. And thanks to our good friends the Hoffman's, Max is already chewing on his new chew toy. Praises all around - we are exhausted, look forward to a quiet rest of the day because the rest of our week is going to be crazy busy. Love to all!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

In s.f.

Madison and I have arrived safely in San Francisco. We checked all our 12 bags for a total of $900! But - they are on their way - of course it may be up to 9 days before they arrive as they are on stand-by. Pray for safe travels - we have 3 more legs of our journey before we arrive back at home. Love to all.

Home - here we come

Well, it's been a QUICK 2 week adventure back to the States. We about ate our way through - Round Table Pizza, Arby's, donuts, good beer, awesome steak, pork roast, Mimi's Cafe, etc, etc. Only saw one movie - bummer - planned on seeing everything in the theater, ah well. Went to 10 different church events, celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve, went to the doctor to (finally) get treated, purchased clothes (can't buy much in a country where the average height is 6-8 inches shorter than me), purchased a bunch of movies out on DVD, a TON of books, packed 10 duffel bags full of school supplies to bring back to Honduras with us. We did manage to have our 5th annual Lord of the Rings fest. We watch the extended versions of all three movies in one sitting. Yep, that's about 12 hours of movies :-). Now we are packing - trying to get everything we purchased into our remaining suitcases. Madison and I are leaving today. We have to get back because Jamie, Josh, and Andy - our three awesome interns arrive on Monday, and our new team mates, the Severinghouses, arrive on Monday as well. We have to get them settled into their new home and help them find their way around La Ceiba. Oh - and we still have our ministry work we are doing - English classes, medical clinic, and youth program. No rest for the weary. But we love it - and covet your prayers. Mike will be staying over for another week as he is speaking at a mission's conference next weekend. When he returns, our other team mates, The McCann's will be arriving. So, busy, busy, busy. Love to everyone! Awesome to see people again! Come down and see us sometime! The Pettengill Inn is always open :-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Health Update

Okay, Okay, I finally went to the doctors office - after having coughed and hacked for a month, I thought that perhaps I needed to be seen. Chest X-ray and assessment later - I was diagnosed with bronchitis - received an in-office breathing treatment, and am currently on an antibiotic, steroids, inhaler, and cough medicine. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll be feeling back to "normal". Of course, as many of you know me well enough, I haven't let a little bronchitis bring me down. But thanks for the prayers and yes, nagging, my way :-)

Happy New Year

Hey gang - Happy New Year all around! We are in Arizona still, and we finished up watching the 3 extended Lord of the Rings movies. It's an annual tradition we have done for 5 years. We didn't know we would have an opportunity to do it, but here we are, in Arizona, and our dear friends love the Lord of the Rings as much as we do. So - we watched it yesterday, and finished up at 20 minutes before midnight. We turned on the ball drop and toasted with champagne. Not a sound outside as fireworks are illegal in Arizona, but we had a blast.

Today I'm going to head to the doctor, yes, yes, yes, after much prompting from my friends and family I'm going to a clinic to be checked out. I'll keep you posted.