Monday, March 28, 2016

Goodbye to the old...Hello to the new

In two days we are leaving the United States to arrive in our new home.  What lies ahead is mostly unknown, unfamiliar, and very unusual.  Our first week or two will be doing nothing but getting settled in our new little house, buying furniture and appliances, going to the market for food, and starting the new life-process of water purification, food bleaching, and showers by way of camp showers.  Bot flies, cobras, black and green mambas, and malaria will be a life adjustment as well.

The life we leave behind also looks very different, at least for me.  I now have no immediate family to return to in California, nor a childhood home.  My mother passed away 4 years ago, and my dad so recently - the house will be sold, and most of my ties on my side of the family are gone...Mike's family still lives in California, we have dear sweet friends that live there, and our home church is there, so California is not gone from our lives, but drastically changed.

Gratefully Madison will be able to join us for the summer, so we are looking forward to showing her what our new lives will look like.

Please pray for our travel, our transition, and our settling into our new lives.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The End is Near

Our time here in the States is coming to an end.  In three weeks we head to Africa, and our new home.  We have had an opportunity to eat foods we won't be eating again for a long time, visit friends and churches that have known us for a long time, and have loved on us well.  We will also be able to spend time with our daughter over Spring Break.

So now is the time to ask for prayers.  We always covet your prayers on a normal basis,  but now we plead with you for focused prayer:

1. Packing - we are having to,  once again,  consolidate what we have and what we can take with us
2. Final time with our daughter, Madison over Spring Break
3. Final church visits
4. Final funds for our one-time expenses including solar panels, water purification systems, mosquito nets,  etc.
5. Saying goodbye well  to friends and family
6. Rest
Bata Airport in  Equatorial Guinea

Thanks for following us on this path, and we are excited to see where the new ministry leads us.