Sunday, June 5, 2016

Termites ate my couch...and other stories from a missionary nurse.

My husband is the writer.  He has written more than 50 articles that have been published.  He is sought after for very specific subjects, and has an incredible way of pushing people without insulting them, and yet doesn't sugar-coat things either.  I am a journaler.  Now, don't get me wrong - I really do NOT like to journal.  But I write blogs, and somehow this fulfills that journaling need.  I write blogs for me...I am just thrilled that some people actually like to read them as well.

Man do I have stories...they have filled up my blog over these last 10 years.  Stories written, and stories unwritten fill my head.  Stories that I only passed over in a cursory manner, and did not give them the full credit they deserve.  But I understand that we, as people living in 2016, have a very short attention span, so I limit myself on the stories.  Until I can't.  Then I write 5 part blogs...but again - that's for help  me get out the feelings I need to get out.  We all go through things in our lives that need telling.  You need to feel it to heal it, my sweet friend once told me.

Delivering a baby in the rubble remains of earthquake torn Haiti
Keeping a man alive while we drive through the rubble of Port-au-Prince
CPR and being the only "EMS" around
Feeding the hungry
Sri Lanka and the tsunami

These are a few of the many stories I have to share.

So my blogs are short, to the point, and tell a message.  But a THAT I could write as much as I wanted - people were reading a book to get the nitty-gritty after all.  They are expecting to sit down for the long-haul and read something more than 800 words.

I am a story teller.  I'm not all that funny, I'm not all that wise, but I have some things to share, that I think others would be interested in.  Life, medical, whatever.  So I'm going to tell it.  I don't know how long it will take me - I've already started and am more than 13,000 words into it.  My husband tells me that an "average, short book" is about 80,000 words.  I am positive I will hit that number before I even make it to our time in Africa...and I'm sure the stories will start coming in once our time here is in full-swing.  And so I begin...I begin this journey and will see if anyone is interested enough to come along for the ride.


Penny and John said...

Wow! Coming along for the ride for sure. You state perfectly my feelings- the journaling was for ME, so I wouldn't forget the pathos of each distinct event because of the next crisis that fell on top of it! Feel the next event never allowed me to process fully the first, and at days end had to write it all down to just remember what happened. Living fully in the moment so as to be engaged meant stepping out of all the feelings about the first event! Keep us posted.

Tara Zinn said...

I'm look forward to you showing us here, back in the states, what missionary work is like in other parts of world.

Brittany and Nick Hughes said...

Can't wait to read it!