Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our return

It has been a long road.  Furlough, or better known as Home Mission Assignment is meant for a number of things.  The primary reason for furlough is for rest, and a time of refreshment.  However, most missionaries will tell you that very little of either of those things actually transpire.  We have obligations to meet, supporters to visit, and tasks to do.  It is a great time for churches to utilize their resources and have us teach on missions, participate in missions conferences, and share the work of what is going on in Honduras.  And we are happy to do these things!  This is part of what we do, afterall.  We couldn't be in Honduras if we didn't have people praying for us and financially supporting us.  Mike and I also decided that I needed to pick up a job while on furlough.  We were going to be located in one geographic location this time, unlike last time, so this would enable me to take on a job. This would allow us to send Madison to Europe this summer for a study abroad program for college, pay off some bills, and have the opportunity to just have some fun without feeling the financial strain.  

So now the end of our time here in The States is on the horizon.  We will be headed back to Honduras in just over five weeks.  There are still things I feel we have left undone, but for the most part we were able to see friends and family, visit all our supporting churches, and yes...even have a little bit of fun.

I have eight shifts left at work, we still have a visit to Seattle coming up, another trip to California, Mike is going to Orlando, and we have to drive across country to drop off the car we have been using and pick up Madison from college.  So although our time is short, we still have much to do.

Please be in prayer for our final time here in the States, we are starting to feel a bit ragged and know we have a lot coming up yet, then back to Honduras and are immediately back to work.