Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pray Through May

Every year my husband makes a prayers calendar for us in May. So...pray through May for the Pettengill's, and for Team Honduras - you can find it here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We've been here for 4 would think that not much will come as a surprise to me. However, once in awhile I am confronted with things that just kind of throw me for a loop. Kids Club has been amazing! I've been teaching the Children's Catechism - and this has the children memorizing answers and bible verses - a new one each week. I'm averaging 40-50 kids each week, and I have 20 kids who have perfect attendance! It's been great! So I guess a small "set back" shouldn't come as a surprise. Both this week and last week one or more kids from my program have stolen from me. It's nothing huge - last week someone (I'm pretty sure I know who it is) stole an entire bag of lollipops. This week I had at least 3 kids steal some beads I had brought for our craft. One kid I caught red-handed, and the other I confronted and she felt so bad that I don't know she will be coming back (will have to see). I left today feeling a little frustrated. I realize that it's "only" lollipops and "only" beads - but it hurts my heart just a little to think that these kids that I truly love would steal from me. However, I sit in reflection...a few hours removed from the situation. The first thing I think - we are all sinners. These kids that I love are no different than me - no different from kids in the States - no different from you. The second (and perhaps more importantly) I have to realize that these kids are coming from nothing. They have almost nothing of their own, and given a chance to take something home to call their own is very tempting. I will continue to love on them, bring them fun stuff to do, and teaching them about Christ's love. And I know they will continue to melt my heart and break my heart. And I'm okay with that :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Girls Day Out - April 21, 2012

On April 21, 2012 Erin and Ashley took 10 girls from Armenia Bonito and La Fe for a day out. They had lunch, went swimming, did crafts and heard a gospel presentation.

Watch this 2 minute video of girls having fun:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kids Club

paper airplane distance contest

Maryori displaying her "wind sock"

celebrating Alexsander's 21st birthday
So I finally crawled out of my bed and made it to Kids Club today.  The topic was Catechism question #8 - What is God? A: He is a spirit and does not have a body like men.  I talked about the ways we could see God through His creation.  God as wind, messages through dreams, sending Angels, etc.  So on that note we made "wind socks" and our game today was making paper airplanes and having a distance contest.  I was greatly surprised at the few kids who knew how to make paper airplanes.  Typically my game lasts about 10-15 minutes, but it took almost 30 minutes so I could make sure that every kid had an airplane to fly.  I'm also celebrating every kids birthday.  Birthdays are not celebrated much here, for that matter, so many kids don't even know their birthday.  But by talking to their parents, or siblings, or other ways, I've managed to get all my kids birthdays except Oneyda.  Anyway - we celebrated Alexsander's 21's birthday (yes, it's a bit of a challenge to make Kids Club interesting to all my age groups - from 2 years old up!).  I make 50 cupcakes so everyone can celebrate, and give a gift to each child as well.  Most kids don't get birthday gifts.  It's such a joy to be able to do this for them!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sick / ACT

I've been in strep throat.  Confined to my bedroom the last two days - don't want to get anyone else sick.  Throat is on fire, feeling cruddy.  Started myself on antibiotics yesterday, hopefully will be improving soon?!  Now it looks like I've got a nasty cold on TOP of my strep throat.  Ah the joys.  Anyway - that's why no posts recently - will give an update soon.

Madison is off taking the ACT at a local school.  It's legit - as in we signed up at the official ACT site and everything.  Kind of cool that she can take it here!  She's excited to take it, especially knowing in all our minds this is just a "practice" ACT, and that she will have two more opportunities to take it before college comes around.  She takes the SAT in two weeks.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Under The Mango Spring 2012

Our Christian ministry center in downtown La Ceiba, Honduras being constructed by our mission team and a group of Honduran workers. This facility will contain a high school, church, medical clinic, a theological seminary, a homeless child center and a two-story dorm.

Take a look at this 3 minute and 30 second video:

If you would like to make a tax-deductible online contribution to the Armenia Bonito ministry center click HERE. All contributions are currently being matched $1 for $1.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Armenia Bonito Property Spring 2012 Update

Here is an update of the two acre ministry center we are constructing in Armenia Bonito, located in La Ceiba, Honduras. This facility will contain a high school, church, medical clinic and a multi-use building.

Watch this 3 minute & 30 second video:

If you would like to make a tax-deductible online contribution to the Armenia Bonito ministry center click HERE. All contributions are currently being matched $1 for $1.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's been a long time since I've made a video.  Mike typically is the video maker in our family.  But I've been mulling over our ministry and was inspired to show the faces of those whom God has brought to us to ministry to, and in turn, to be ministered to by them.  Please enjoy this 3 minute video.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clinic, crafts and clothes

The clinic is coming...the clinic is coming! Slowly but surely there will be a permanent clinic in Armenia Bonito!  As many of you know, I've been working out of a little cement building, with only an open window by my "station" for air/light.  John and the construction workers in Armenia have been working diligently to finish up this clinic.  It will have 4 exam rooms, a pharmacy, a supply room and a waiting room.  I can't even WAIT!  Along with this, many supplies, equipment, etc. will be needed.  SO...I've created a wish list.  On's kinda can see it here.   You will see lots of kids things (for the waiting room) and supply stuff (keep scrolling on the list) for use in the clinic.

my current clinic
The other thing I'm responsible for is Kids Club.  I have almost 50 kids each week that come and are learning the Children's Catechism.  With that in mind I use lots and lots and lots of craft supplies.  Anything from beads, to foam animals, to stickers, you name it.  A great source for that is Oriental Trading Company.  They have tons of stuff for an amazing price.

Moses and the 10 commandments
Finally, I have a monthly prenatal class.  I typically average 4 moms per class.  I teach them breathing techniques, healthy delivery ideas, even show them videos of moms having babies.  I let them know warning signs during pregnancy, and when to go to the hospital.  After the class is done, I give gift bags to each mom.  In this gift bag are all the things they are required to have before they are given their baby in the hospital.  They must bring in baby clothes, diapers, socks, a hat, a blanket, and they even must provide their own pads after delivery.  So many moms can't afford this.  I want to make sure each mom is equipped and not have to worry about this.  My home church, Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church hosted a baby shower.  At this event the ladies of the church purchased TONS of things for these classes.  It was SUCH a huge blessing.  However...because my classes have been such a success, I'm already quickly running out of these items.  So...if that's something you feel led to give - let me know as well.  GoodWill is a great source for these items - gently used things are perfect and inexpensive!

Yoli is one of the moms who came to my class
If any of these things speak to you - that you would like to contribute to - let me know!  I can give you more details or help you out!  Coming down with a team?!  Bring it with you!  If you aren't coming with a team, but still want to help out - let me know, and I'll get a Stateside address to you for a team that is coming down, and they can bring it with them.

Can't WAIT to show some pictures of the clinic in action!  We shall see what the Summer brings!