Wednesday, February 15, 2017


After a month in Belgium, and all the amenities of a 1st world country, then another 2 weeks in the U.S. where I was able to spend time with Madison, spoke at Houston Lake Presbyterian Church, and got in some doctor visits at the same time, I am preparing to head back to Africa.

In the time I've been in 1st world countries, has given me time to think about where I am and what I am doing.  I truly have come to understand and appreciate all that 1st world countries have to offer, and has given me an even greater appreciation for living in an extreme 3rd world, and living with those whom I have come to serve.  In Honduras we lived in a house in the "nicer" side of town.  However where we are now, we live just as the Nationals do.  It gives us a closer feel to those whom we have come to serve.  We gather water just as they do, we suffer power outages as they do, but it also brought to focus even closer the disparities of the health care services that are available.

While in the U.S. I had the ability to see specialists, get procedures unavailable in my host country, have labs taken that don't exist, and go to pharmacies filled with any type of medication I needed.  Seeing the severe disparities in medical care only helps solidify what I'm trying to accomplish there.

Please pray for me as I begin to re-acclimate to my life in Africa.  How quickly I have already become accustomed to consistent electricity, potable water, air conditioning, awesome internet, a fully stocked grocery store, and the conveniences of stuff 24/7.  I will miss my kid, and it makes it hard knowing I won't see her until November - I'll miss her 21st birthday.  But God has called us to be where we are for now, so we endeavor to do what He has called us to do.