Wednesday, July 12, 2017

e-book now available for Termites Ate My Couch! Kindle, Nook, ibook

The e-book version of my book has finally hit the virtual shelves!

e-book now available!

Have you ever wondered what life on the mission field is like? Termites Ate My Couch is an attempt to share stories that are thoughtful, heartbreaking, inspirational, funny, and crazy – in other words – an average day in the life of a missionary. These are true tales from a mom, nurse, wife, and flawed person. These stories show how reliance on Jesus Christ brought her through the most emotional, rewarding, and hilarious times of her life. You are invited to read these stories and laugh and cry along with her.

It can be found at:

Amazon - Kindle

Barnes and Noble - Nook

Apple - ibook


Unknown said...

Erin, I just finished your book and found it both sobering and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your missions journey with us. The days that our team spent with you at the clinic in Armenia Bonito were very rewarding. I am sure others on the team will enjoy your book as much as I did.

Unknown said...

Larry, I am so glad you enjoyed it and hope others can be blessed by it.