Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The consequences of diabetes

This sweet 42 year old, named Gladis, came to our clinic yesterday with complaints of an ulcer on the bottom of her toe.  Complications related to her diabetes has already caused one of her toes to be amputated.  Upon first glance at this toe, I don't know that it is even salvagable.  However, she has already been to the doctors, and they have been advising her to have her foot removed to help stem her problems.  Now, I'm no expert, but the foot seems pretty salvagable to me, but I'm not so sure this toe is.  Because of the medical advice she had received from the local public hospital she is terrified of returning, and told me that she simply wouldn't return unless there was no hope beyond hope.  She said to me, "you are one of the sweetest people I know, and I know that you can save it." no pressure there!  But, we've started her on a couple of different antibiotics, and I am bringing her into the clinic for daily cleaning and wound packing of her toe.  I told her she has lots to do.  The medicine and I can only do so much - but her job was the hardest.  She needed to change her life.  She has taken her diabetes very lightly, even with the removal of one of her toes.  She had eaten nothing but carbohydrates for breakfast, not a protein source in sight.  I spent about the next 30 minutes speaking with her, giving her literature, and am having her start a food journal so we can better evaluate her eating/drinking habits.  With lots of information to get her going, I told her the other thing we need to do is pray!  Pray that God would give her healing, endurance to change her life, and allow her body to heal itself.  Will you pray with me?  Pray for Gladis, her health, and especially her toe.

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christina said...

She is truly fortunate to have you take such great care of her - and she is right - you are one of the nicest people I know :-)