Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why is a clinic so important?

The clinic is near completion.  We have 100% support for our doc's pay, but still are a LONG way away from getting the money for our laboratory supplies.  Here is something from Honduras news:

"Between 1,200 and 1,600 surgeries per week may soon have to be suspended at Honduras' 28 public hospitals for lack of basic operating materials. The head of the central warehouse for medications, Maritza Solorzano, said today that her facility finds itself in a precarious situation.

"We no long have basic materials for the operating rooms, including [the anesthesia drug] Sofloran. This is worrisome because the tender for the purchase of this product has not even been published, and that means that there may be a long-term shortage in the supply of this drug," stressed Ms. Solorzano.

Ms. Solorzano noted that there is a long list of drugs that are no longer in stock. "I don't know how the population will be affected from February onward," she said.

 [the Ministry of Health] is still paying the bills for last year. She pointed out that "the close of 2012 has been extremely difficult for the Ministry with regard to its finances, with a budget deficit of Lps 919 million (US$46 million) through September".

Please consider giving toward the lab supplies of the clinic in Armenia Bonito.  It will go a LONG way in helping keep people healthy and bring medicine to those who are in desperate need.

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