Sunday, July 1, 2007

Here we go a traveling...

Well, I knew that support raising was going to be full of traveling, but let me tell you - it has proven to be quite a challenge. This week as we are preparing to leave to New York for the month we have had 3 house parties. On Wednesday we went down to a beautiful house not far from San Luis Obispo - about a 4 hour drive. We stayed for about 3 1/2 hours then started the trip home at 9:30pm. However, it wasn't the 4 hour drive - it turned into a 6 hour drive because of road construction. Rolled into bed at 0315 just to get up at 0715 to help with the fireworks stand. Thursday, another house party (this one in town), and Friday we went down to Fresno for a house party. We stayed the night, took off at 0830 for the drive home - frantic last minute stuff, packed, and headed to the airport. Left friends behind - it was the first time this whole process has seemed real to me. I'm no longer an official employee of both Kaiser and Sutter; a month away from home; saying goodbye to! The beginning of the rest of our adventure.
Another fun thing I've done is sell...sell...sell...most of our stuff on e-bay and Craigs List. Our house now echos with empty rooms, walls, and cupboards. We still have a bed and Madison's mattress is on the floor, but not much else.
Next post will be from New York!

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