Sunday, July 8, 2007

New York - Sunday - day of rest?

No cool pics today, weren't able to get any pictures in the morning church today, will try next Sunday. It certainly was different church than any we were used to. Church started at 11:00, complete with interpretive dancing on stage, tall flag waving, dancing in the aisles and in front. By 12:30, announcements were started. By 1:00 the message started, and the children were dismissed. It was at this time that we all left to go to help out with children's ministries. Madison went to a class her age, and English was not spoken. For that matter, there was no English during the entire time. I was helping out in the 3-4 year old class. We had story time, craft time, all that lasted about 20 minutes. And...the teacher didn't have anything else planned, just play time. So - for an hour and a half I had to entertain 3-4 year olds until service "ended". I finally left my classroom at 2:30. I went out to the main sanctuary, and there was still music and people up at the front of the church. So - after 3 1/2 hours, stuff was still going on, but the main church was over. There were about 400 or so people still hanging out. We left, went to Columbus Circle, and the Borders and I found a new book to read. We ate a dog, then caught a subway train up to Redeemer church. We enjoyed the service, and after (only) an hour and fifteen minutes, we were done. Caught the subway back "home", had to grab some stuff at the mini-mart, and made some dinner. Came home, ate, and now it's 8;30 at night. I still have an assignment to do for tomorrow, and type up the words for tomorrows worship time...sigh... I did manage to reserve my Harry Potter book and CD! I just couldn't believe it if I wasn't able to get it - so had to do it when I could. We are going to try and catch the movie on opening night - just don't know what it will be like in Manhattan. Anyway - all for now - more pics tomorrow.

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