Monday, July 23, 2007

New York - last week

The hallway of endless doors...

Madison's new beautiful smile.

The tooth just came out, but you can see the new tooth coming in already...

Here is our last full week in New York. We are still actively involved at the church we were working with. New area to paint. Will try and complete the doors in the children's ministry wing this week. Still having some lectures in the afternoons. It's good to know that life goes on as normal, even in the middle of all our training. Madison finally managed to lose another tooth, and yes, even in New York the tooth fairy came to visit. Madison wanted to show off her new smile.


Mindy said...

All I want for Christmas is to lose more teeth, to lose more teeth, ohohoh to lose more teeth!
Go Maddy! I've never lost a tooth in new York!

Can't wait to see you all on Tuesday. Miss you miss you miss you.


godstallhelper said...

three days after this we went too a chineese food place and i had oodan noodels and i sucked a noodel through the hole (im weard)