Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New York - Day three

Subways and Worship...

Already, the incredible subway system of New York has become part of our daily routine. Starts with a block walk to the closest subway entrance. We walk down a long (1/4 mile) tunnel under a park to get to the actual subway stop; go through the turnstile; wait maybe 2 whole minutes, and get on the train. In the mornings, it's standing room only - bummer as the trip takes over an hour! So - from beginning to end, our trip each morning and coming home each evening is an hour and fifteen minutes! Yikes! However, if/when we do manage to get a seat, it's a great opportunity for reading. I have found this an ideal time to do my morning devotional. That may seem strange, not really a quiet environment for that kind of thing - but the way I look at it - in the midst of all the craziness of humanity, I can find peace in God by reading His word, and doing a study as the screeching train, mass of humanity, graffiti drenched buildings, and world goes by. I find it quite peaceful.

Be careful what you pray for - God will answer! I pray to rely upon God for all things - and He often reminds me of it in the oddest ways. My flight down the stairs was a reminder - His angels were on duty to prevent me from serious injury, and today...I am part of the worship team. I am not playing as we have two worship leaders in our midst, a beautiful piano player, and 3 guitar players. So - I volunteered to put the words to Power Point for slides each morning. However, when worship time came today, our primary worship leader was not around - he had gotten lost in Central Park, and wasn't going to make it back in time to lead worship - so here I was, the go-to person to lead worship. Have I done it before?! No. But - reliance upon God led me to lead worship. And, as God provides for His Saints, I stepped up and went for it! And things went fine. Thank you God! My only concern - what else does He have in store for me? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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