Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New York - a day of hunting :-)

Pond where our second cache was located
Madison on the carousel in Central Park (location of our first cache)
Madison with the cache in hand!

A day of geocaching (okay - only an hour), and a day of scavenger hunting - what more could a girl want?! :-) Madison and I went out geocaching in Central Park in an hour break we had - only managed to find 1 of the 2 we were looking for. The first one was a "mystery" cache, and I think we figured out the clues wrong, so were looking in the wrong place. However, I almost gave up on the second one, but my girl found it!!! Don't know what geocaching is? More info can be found at

The second half of the day was a city-wide scavenger hunt that led us all around Manhattan from Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan proper, Sunnyside, etc. The big task for the day was a team building exercise. Our 30 missionaries were broken up into four teams. We were given five hours to devise a plan to find 51 different ethnic items throughout New York City. It was somewhat of an ethnic scavenger hunt. Our team first gathered for a strategy meeting then formulated our plan of attack.

We then divided and scattered throughout New York. Here are a couple of examples of our tasks: find samples of three ethnic foods found outside of the Western Hemisphere, bring back a Korean language newspaper, bring back a card from the Kine Africa restaurant, and what is not allowed in the post office in Chinatown.

Very fun!!! Got to eat Naan (Indian bread), Bunelo (Colombian pastry), and get lost - all in one day! Woohoo! It was 90+ degrees, with dripping wet humidity (don't know the percentage - but dripping wet gives you a good visual).

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