Sunday, July 22, 2007

New York - bitter sweet

This is the "line" for TKTS - the place where you buy "that day" tickets for Broadway shows. You can get tickets for 50 - 75% reduced price.

Being in New York has been a great boost for our ministry work that we will be doing in Honduras. We have had some awesome training, have met with some incredible people. We met with some folks from Redeemer who have been on 3 trips to La Ceiba, and are encouraged by having us as contacts for them for future trips. However, we were not able to go to Mike's nephew's wedding. Bitter sweet indeed. He's the first "kid" from the Pettengill's next generation to get married. Awesome young man, and we were indeed sorry to have missed it! My brothers birthday is today as well. Granted, he is in the Philippines, but my phone has stopped working, can't charge it with the wall charger, only car charger, and can't do that here - so unable to call him today. E-mail's had to do. Bummer!

Madison and I are enjoying reading Harry Potter together. We have seen the new movie since we have been here - caught it over in Times Square. Also able to go see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I must say, however, we all enjoyed Phantom in London better than here...hmm...anyway - we are off to church this morning. Another 3 1/2 service. Will give updates and pictures later.

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