Sunday, July 22, 2007

New York - Tale of two churches

Redeemer Church in Manhattan:

Inglesia Nueva Vida in Queens:

Our Sunday's are packed full from beginning to end. Our first church service is at Nueva Vida church. As an example, church service started today at 11:00 and concluded at 2:45. During this service we stay during the initial worship time - lasts until about 1:00, then we leave to help out in the Sunday School classrooms. After church service we have late lunch, and go to the Redeemer Church near Central Park. Starts at 5:00, and ends promptly at 6:15. The second video gives a good example of our experience there. Quite a difference in cultures and experiences, but both filled with people worshiping God. Madison enjoys both services for different reasons. I asked her if she wanted to dance, and she politely declined.

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