Saturday, July 7, 2007

New York - Saturday, day off

Today we spent some time in Central Park with some folks from churches around the city. We prayed for New York for a revival, and for people to come to Christ. Afterwards, we scouted around for the "perfect NY pie" and found a great pizza place. I'll tell you one thing New York can really do right and that's make some great pizza for a great price! Afterwards we caught the subway up a few stops and got off at the Museum of Natural History (think "Night in the Museum" movie). It was awesome! It has the largest collection of fossils in the world! Remember Rexy from the movie? He was there in his glory - of course in the real museum he's up on the 4th floor, not out in the front lobby. statue of Teddy in the front either - he's out in all his bronze prominence in the front of the building (see picture). Well...we walked our buns off, spent hours there, saw tons (and still didn't see it all). We also managed to get up to see the artwork and artifacts of Central America. Saw some stuff from the area of Central America where we will be. Kind of cool. Left, walked a bunch more, found our way home via the subway. We then went to go pick up our laundry we had dropped off at the cleaners - and Mike was in heaven :-) Everything was folded - even our undies! I think the only time in my life I have every folded my undies was when I was in the Army. Very cool! Didn't do anything but put our laundry away! Well worth the money! Will be busy tomorrow - going to go worship at Inglesia Nueva Vida (Spanish speaking only), probably eat while we are out - then go to a Redeemer church. I look forward to sleeping in (I know - I'm a wimp), and Madison is looking forward to that as well. This is the first time since we have been here that we have been at home before 5:30! Nice!
Most difficult thing so far - adjusting to life in NY to include our tiny apartment; a bath tub/shower that's so tiny if I had to sit down in it I probably would barely fit; shopping EVERY day; no washer/dryer; tons of people; busy, busy, busy; tiny double bed for two people; not seeing my friends and family :-(