Sunday, July 1, 2007

New York - Day one

Well...we arrived. And it wasn't without some mishap. We arrived into JFK without a problem. We decided to save some money and catch the subway out to our apartment. It's much longer, but it's a straight shot - the "A" train, right to our block. Or so we thought. We started out no problem, but they announced that we had to get off and take another train as there was construction, and the train didn't continue on this route. So - off we went - all 6 of our bags. We measured - to be sure - each were 48 - 50 pounds. However, getting up a full 2 flight of stairs with all that stuff turned out to be a challenge. Mike and I each had on a 50 pound duffel bag, and another 50 pound bag we were pulling; and Madison was towing her 50 pound bag on wheels. But, we couldn't expect Madison to pull her bag up the stairs - so here I go, with my 50 pound bag on my back, and a 50 pound bag on each arm, hauling them up the stairs - that is until my foot caught. And down I went. The bags flew out of my hands, I landed on my back (I guess let's hear it for the duffel bag), and fell backwards down a half flight of stairs. Mike had already gone ahead, and didn't realize my predicament. Looking back on it I can see the humor - Mike peeking down the stairs, and there I am like a turtle on my back, arms and legs flailing in the air. I did manage to smash my hand, smack my leg, get some whip lash, and tweaked my back. It could have been SO MUCH WORSE. But, by God's grace, I was spared worse injury. But, not to be out done, I managed to make it back up. What else could we do?! We made it to the next train, only to go part way, and they told us that it too was closed and we had to get off and take a bus to our final destination. However, we didn't manage to get the right bus. Still had to walk about 6 blocks to get to our apartment. What normally takes about 1 1/2 hours by subway took about 3 1/2 hours. We arrived, got some food, went to the grocery story (more on that later), and fell down in utter exhaustion! And this is only day one!!!

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