Thursday, July 12, 2007

New York - close to the end of the second week

This is close to the end of our second week. We are still busy, busy, busy! Madison has been an incredible trooper. She has a great time each day with the ministry work we have been doing - painting the nursery - and she has been having as much fun spending time with the other children that are here. She has made so many new friends that she will know for a long time. The mission world is actually fairly small, and many of these MK's (Missionary Kids) meet up over and over throughout their lives. I have yet to have heard a single complaint from my girl - but that doesn't mean she isn't tired. This was an unposed shot on the subway coming home.

How you know you are a New Yorker (or a wanna-be like us)

10. There is no such thing as personal space

9. You don't own a car

8. You walk everywhere you go

7. You eat a hot dog at least twice a week

6. dogs aren't pets, they are something you eat

5. Pies aren't apple or cherry, they are cheese or pepperoni

4. You live in a place that's no bigger than your garage back home

3. There is only one speed in your vocabulary - fast!

2. The theater isn't from 2 dimensional people, but from 3 dimensional.

1. And the number one reason you know you are a New Yorker is if the grease on your pizza is just another topping.

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