Saturday, July 14, 2007

New York - Coney Island

In front of the Cyclone after our wrenching ride!
A good ol' Nathan's Hot dog!
An incredible time in the Ocean!

Well, today was our one day off the entire time here in New York so we decided to have fun, fun, fun! We started out day with some friends, and had some fresh blueberry pancakes! Nice! Then we caught the LONG train down to Coney Island. It just seems impossible to come to New York for any length of time and not get down there. We rode the Cyclone - I think probably one of the most harshest rides I have every been on! After just the first drop, I felt like my spine was coming out through my skull! It was built in 1927, and most boardwalk wooden roller coasters are mimicked after the Cyclone. Madison and I went down to the ocean and jumped in! It was incredible! There were tons of people there, but the beach was so big that everyone was able to spread out. Fun time, back at home resting for another busy day at church tomorrow.

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godstallhelper said...

i will never ride the siclone AGAIN!