Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New York - last day

Hanging out in the airport - READY to get home!

Madison as Haman in the play.

Well...we had our last day of training in New York. We managed to get our bags (without incident) to the church where we had our last meeting. However, I insisted we take a taxi to the airport so there would be no recurrence of my first day in New York - no falling down stairs! We finished the event off with presentations and a play from the kids. They had been working on it the entire month - Madison played Haman from the book of Ester. She did a great job! Then we took off - the first to leave, but we had our plane to catch! It was bitter sweet farewells! Most of the folks we won't ever see again, and after having spent a stressful month with them, we got to know people so well! We arrived at JFK with just enough time to catch a meal, and load the plane. Headed off to Salt Lake City where we spent our 3-hour layover doing blogs and playing Blokus. So ready to be home -so ready to sleep in my own bed! Welcome home to everyone! So happy to be back. Of course, we are only home for 3 days before we take off to Arizona for 10 days to say farewell to our friends Dannie and Jeff, and visit the churches that are supporting us! No rest for the weary!

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