Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New York - Blue paint

Well...who knew that painting would be in my future - but here it is. Blue, and more blue. We painted (or started) painting blue doors in the Sunday School area - some pics tomorrow. It was oil based paint and by the end of the day it looked like I was the tallest Smurf in history! Sigh...and there are still more doors to do! Our last day of ministry work at our church is tomorrow. We will finish what we can. We then went for our classroom training time where we enjoyed a great time of learning and fun! Then out for dinner with our friends from the Spiritual Life department of MTW. Finally, getting home at 11:00pm tonight - with still much to do. Assignments due, papers to start to write (have a 7 page paper due by next Tuesday), a presentation to prepare, and a journal to complete. Yikes! Who would have thunk?! Somehow, Madison and I are still managing to get our Harry Potter reading in. Most of the time it's been on the Subway - hour plus there and hour plus back. Have had a few opportunities for about 30 minutes during lunch. Almost to page 400 - it's great! This has always been a fun thing that the two of us have enjoyed :-) Sorry no pics today - hands were too grimy to grab the camera.

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