Sunday, July 15, 2007

New York - Nueva Vida

Nueva Vida worship service

Emmanuel, Isaac and Valentina

Choro with the microphone!

Today we were at Nueva Vida, the church we have been working with. They are a very energetic bunch of folks! Madison said, "mom - it's like a concert!" Our job on Sundays is to be in worship until the children are dismissed. Typically, church starts at 11:00, and children are dismissed by 1:00pm. The 2 hours are for about 1 1/2 hours of worship, then 30 minutes of prayer time, etc. I am working in the 3/4 year old classroom - if you had a chance to read my earlier blog about the time - let's just say I have to be able to be creative on the spot. At least this time I came mentally prepared that I was going to have to entertain 15 or so 3/4 year olds for that length of time. Also, many of the same children were there from last week, and they had already warmed up to me. Here are some pictures of some of the kids in my classroom. I think I'm going to make them some chocolate chip cookies for next week - kind of excited about that - I've warmed up to them too - already love many of them :-) Madison is in her own classroom, but in her room they use both English and Spanish. In my classroom it's strictly Spanish - so I'm learning - and the kids love to teach me :-) After that we went out to lunch with some folks in our group going to Peru. Then we went to Redeemer church, then went to dinner with some other folks who are going to Honduras with us - Sean and Lindsey McCann. Finally managed to roll into our apartment at about 9:40pm. Long day!!!! Tomorrow - up at 6:00, out the door by 7:00! Night night!

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