Monday, June 25, 2007

Bureaucracy gotta love the government - and - come to find out it's not only our government! We have to get police records from our local police department stating we are not bad guys - then we take them to the Costa Rican consulate in San Francisco. Of course, the consolate is a volunteer, and only is open from 9-12 Mon-Fri by appointment only. So here we wait for our police records, then we hopefully can make an appointment to take them to San Francisco, will wait for the day and get our student visas for Costa Rica. For some reason, Costa Rica doesn't care if we are bad guys in any other county - because they don't require a state-wide search. So - just make sure any crimes you committ aren't in your local area if you want to travel outside of country. If we aren't able to get student visas for Costa Rica, then we can only have visitor visas good for 3 months and we would have to go out of country every three months for a new visa. The student visas will be good for the entire 9 months we are here we wait!

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