Friday, July 20, 2007

New York - TIRED!

Our language learning group - learning Ashanti.

Oh my - it has been a very long week! Lots of learning, sensory overload! Madison was able to join us again with language learning. We learned a lot of stuff! The ladies went out to dinner last night then to Karaoke. I just couldn't do it! Dinner wasn't until 8:00pm, then karaoke not until 11:00pm. My commute is so much farther then everyone elses, and would have been on the subway by myself, and walk down the 1/4 mile tube by myself - just didn't feel like I wanted to do that. But - I feel so much better this morning, so am very happy with my decision. Saturday will be busy, busy, busy (so what's new?!). Unfortunately, I'm getting tired of our apartment - things are starting to get uncomfortable. Our bed is so tiny, and Madison and I are sharing it. The bathtub/shower is so tiny, the shower curtains touch you on all sides when you shower, etc. The experience has been unbelievable - but I sure will be happy to get back home :-)

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