Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another First / Mystery Tree revealed

I thought I was done (for now) with “firsts”. I knew once I got to Honduras many new “firsts” were going to come. You can see some here and especially here. However, two days ago I had my facebook account up (see http://www.facebook.com/) and up popped a note from my first trimester teacher, and currently Mike’s tutor, Ale. She had a question for me. And as the next 15 minutes progressed, our conversation via facebook was all in Spanish!! I was actually THRILLED once it was done, and I could look back and reflect on it – and yes indeed – I was “chatting” in Spanish! It was too cool! Good to know that our supporters hard worked for money, and our intense, often frustrating classes are all actually having a positive effect! Many thanks to EVERYONE for this opportunity, and truly a blessing, to attempt to learn/speak Spanish!

As for the Mystery Tree , it's a Ficus. I just couldn't believe when I saw this 50+ foot tree that it could possibly be the same tree that people have in pots in their houses. I remember my ficus tree being so particular and "fragile", that I struggled with it for a number of years. Here they grow so beautifully and can be seen EVERYWHERE! So, kudos to Sue Burch for correctly identifying the tree, and 500 colones will be on the way to Puerto Rico for a job well done!

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John and Sue Burch said...

I only knew if was a Ficus because we had HUGE fig trees - called Moreton Bay Figs in Brisbane, Australia! Anyone who knows me knows I am not a gardner or in any way agricuturally gifted - anyway - thanks, Erin - what do I do with the Collones here in PR? Love you all and am praying you feel better soon. God is forcing you to rest!!!