Saturday, September 15, 2007

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Items we purchased

Rambutan - tastes like a grape, very juicy, VERY yummy - just watch out for the pit in the middle.

We went to the farmers market today - about a 15 minute walk from our house. Saw all sorts of cool things - many things we didn't recognize. Madison was able to ask for things using her Spanish :-) We were even "advised" from a local Costa Rican to be wary of a certain vendor (all in Spanish I might add) - very nice man - watching out for us poor gringos :-) Had a very fun time - and overall only spent around $6.00 on a week of veggies and fruit. The only reason it was so "expensive" was because the watermelon was $2.00. Otherwise, $4.00 for fruit and veggies for the week - GREAT price! Love it! Will be going often! Had some fun fruit - rambutan - see the pic above.

Had some firsts today:
1. Made refried beans from scratch
2. Ate some rambutans
3. Purchased stuff / talked in Spanish at the farmers market in Costa Rica


Lindsey said...

Lucy and Sean went to the farmer's market today as well, not near as exciting as your trip but a fun father/daughter event nevertheless. Glad to hear that you are doing so well in school, keep up the good works. Can't wait to learn from you all of this yummy cooking you are doing.

Mindy said...

I love rambutan! We ate those mucho in the Philippines.