Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Final Days

Six more days until we leave for Honduras. One more day of school for Madison. End of tutoring for both of us. Two more "farewell" get-togethers. Three more bags to pack. Hair cut before we leave. Four more blogs to write. Not much left.

Please pray for us as we finish up our final week in Costa Rica, and we prepare to head to Honduras. Our first month there is going to be a whirlwind! We have to find a house. Buy furniture for the entire place, plan a medical team, Madison takes her placement test at her new school, and start acustomizing to our new environment. Our Spanish will be put to the test, and we will be sweating like crazy. So, we covet your prayers for all of the above mentioned things.

Madison had two final exams yesterday, two today, and we just found out - she has no final on Friday. She has done extremely well this reporting period - her best yet. We send praises to God for that, as He watches out for even the little things. What an awesome God we serve.

We have no idea what the internet situation will be once we hit the ground, so you can be praying for that as well. The Internet helps us feel like we are still in touch with friends and family. It allows you to be part of our team by reading our blogs and praying for specific things. So we also pray that internet will be easily accessable.

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John Stuart said...

be safe, friends. best wishes as you go here and there and get settled in. God will be with you!