Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here Am I

Some of you may have seen this already, but many have not. It's also the information video on the left hand side of my blog. All of the pictures except two (the man and the woman in the beginning of the video) are all taken from missions trips that Mike, Madison and I have been on. The cross is in Costa Rica. The faces are from Egypt, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Sri Lanka, etc. Those faces and the lives we touched are my motivation.

I just put this video together. I was listening to my IPOD while running the other day, and thinking back about what we have been through, and how far we have come from the day we said, "Let's be missionaries!". Right now it's difficult to see where we are going, because we have been in a state of "transition" for so long. But, I heard this song on my NEW IPOD (thanks to my friend Jeff who got me a new one after my other was stolen), and God placed this song just at the right time while I was running and I really listened to it, and it brought tears to my eyes. Good to be reminded why the Pettengill's are in the mission field, and we are here to stay. Please watch this 4 minute video that was inspired by the song, Here Am I by MercyMe.


The Nolls said...

beautiful!!! thank you for sharing that. I love keeping up with you all. I am so encouraged!
much love, Sara-Beth

Melanie said...

it says to me "this video is no longer available". :(