Friday, September 7, 2007

Things you "miss"

This is from the new student "fiesta" after school today.

Okay - let me preface this with this is NOT an "I'm feeling sorry for myself" blog entry. This is simply an internal observation and an acknowledgement of how little things in my life have changed a bit. First, there were the "firsts"

first time...

  • making rice from a pot

  • eating chicken and mango for dinner

  • eating mayo from a bag

  • hanging laundry

  • getting so soaked, you might as well not even carry an umbrella

  • making almost EVERYTHING from scratch

  • speaking everyday to everyone in Spanish

  • so many others...

then, there are the "I miss" items

  • double-stuffed Oreo's ... sigh ...

  • toffee-nut syrup from Starbucks

  • ponchos. Yes, we get SOAKED, and Costa Ricans don't wear rain coats or ponchos, and there are NONE here to buy - no Target or REI co-op

  • canned pumpkin - already thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, can't find any canned pumpkin

  • canned cranberry sauce - same thing - thinking ahead for Thanksgiving (I'll have to be creative with mango sauce?!)

  • Starbucks

  • frozen food of any kind

  • a quiet sleepless night (noise starts around 0500 with the motorcycle paper delivery), and doesn't stop all day!

  • my comfy couch

  • my TV - we watch movies on our lap-top, it's bigger than our TV

  • 24-hour Wal-Mart for those late night "Oh I need.......NOW!" items

  • Fresh milk (we drink boxed milk)

Anyway - not an exhaustive list - but again, not a whine session, just a "welcome to my new life and how can I make it using the things that are "native here"" session.


The Nolls said...

I hear you, friend. Not to complain, but just so those at home can understand how different it really is. You guys seem like you are doing GREAT though. Hang in there!
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

you guys are such troopers, and your experience is very inspiring to us over here. Please keep posting all your observations and everything you miss (I had a "I miss" list and I'm just in another city in this country, yikes I'm pathetic!!)