Monday, March 3, 2008

Yo Estoy muy frustrada!

Translation: I am very frustrated! Class these days - it's a bit overwhelming! Learning so much new stuff! It's one thing to think that a test is hard/difficult and receiving a good grade on it, and a whole other thing to think a test is fairly straight forward and receive a bad grade. Well...that was today. And, of course, we are moving on. No time to reflect on how we did poorly and digest how to do better because we have so much more to learn. And where we go from here in learning is even more difficult. Oh joy. The other frustrating thing - it's "only Spanish" for goodness sake! It's not trying to start a church, and receiving a difficult time from the government, or starting street children ministry and trying to "get through" to the kids - it's "only Spanish" afterall! So...I need to keep things in perspective - but why my frustration is because I NEED Spanish for all of the above to happen - so I know how important it is. So forgive my ramblings, bottom line - just pray. Pray for my brain to soak up new information, for my frustration levels to decrease, and for my learning to increase - and the bottom line - for God to be glorified in all that I do.


The McClain's said...

Well, I can definetly relate to your frustration. I took my first hour of my conversation class, which I LOVE just to go be with hte Lord because I was so frustrated and stressed I needed that time away. It helped dramatically!

Hang in there, Sister!

Brooke :)

Melanie said...

I understand! We need it so much for what we're doing and its taking so long!

Anonymous said...

I know it's been a month, and things have gotten a little better with it since then. For the moments when it does begin to boil again know that we are still praying for you all fervently to learn what you need to know to share God's love and the gospel.

A "friend" of mine used to say that He wouldn't send me out without giving me what I needed when I needed it [during the time I was going through EE Training]. Hmmmm....sound familiar?