Monday, June 9, 2008

Starting to Pack

2 of 16

The time has start packing that is. With just over two weeks we have slowly started to pack up our belongings. We are hoping to actually make it out of here with less than we arrived. We had some items (kids gift bags) that we gave out during a mission trip here, so those won't be here. The only items we have purchased while here has been some clothes. However, with Madison growing like she is, there will be many clothes that she has grown out of - so into the "recycle bin" they will go. The picture is entitled "2 of 16" because that's what we arrived with, 16 bags in total. Over the last 3 years to have gone from a 2-story house, to a 900-square foot apartment in Elk Grove, to our now 500-square foot apartment, we've learned to pack light, and only the bare necessities! I do look forward to the time where we don't have to eat out of plastic bowls, because we don't want to buy things that we have to leave behind. As for packing, we are actually looking forward to this process as it means we are one step closer to Honduras! I will share in this process as we go.

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The Nolls said...

oh, i understand so well!! I , too, look forward to the day when we will "stay a while" and sink in some roots, somewhere. Don't quite know where that is, yet,if ever, but until then, everything will have to fit into those "16 duffles" (or boxes in our case :)