Thursday, June 26, 2008

Traveling From San Jose, Costa Rica to La Ceiba, Honduras

Yesterday we landed in La Ceiba, Honduras. Here is a pictorial review of our travels from San Jose, Costa Rica to La Ceiba.

Here is Mike checking in at at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica at 4:30am. This is just seconds before this nice lady told us that even though our bags should cost us $1500 to send, she was only going to charge us $800. Rican coffee at 5am is a good thing.

Goodbye Costa Rica

The happy family on the flight from El Salvador to Honduras.

We saw dozens of these ugly shirts all over the airport in San Pedro Sula. We struck up a conversation with the unfortunate owners of the shirts and discovered they were going home to Virginia after a 10 day mission trip in Tegucagalpa, Honduras. We figured the message on the shirt was a bit ironic considering the place in our own transition at that moment.

Here is the 40 seater bird that took us the last distance into La Ceiba. You will notice there are no bags to be seen. That is because 17 of our 18 bags have yet to make it to La Ceiba.

Happy missionary. Here is Mike behind the wheel of our rental truck on the streets of La Ceiba. We have this for a few days. Keep your eyes on the road!

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