Monday, June 23, 2008

Tooth and Moving

Yesterday, Madison lost her THIRD tooth while in Costa Rica! The "Tooth Mouse" came to visit (there is no tooth fairy here - just a mouse). If I counted correctly, she has only 2 more baby teeth to come out. She still has 2 back molars to come in, and all four wisdom teeth. In Central America, braces are as good a quality as in the states. However, they come at about a fourth of the price tag. About $600.00 from start to finish! Incredible! So - we will get some braces on her once all her baby teeth have come out. The nice thing about her teeth coming out so late is it has given her mouth time to grow. So, although she will need braces, the duration should be much shorter.

Moving - yes, I'm sure you are tired of hearing us talk about moving, but it's almost the only thing on our minds right now. It's Monday, and we leave Wednesday in the wee hours of the a.m. Specifically, we have to be out of our place by 4:00 in the morning, and to the airport by 4:30. Our plane leaves at 6:30, and we have 16 bags to get checked in. So we are excited and anxious about finally getting this thing on the road. We will be so incredibly busy the first 2 months with finding a home, furnishing it, then planning for a 2-week medical team that is coming. So please pray for us in the upcoming months!

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crackers and cheese said...

The tooth mouse! That's adorable :) My uncle was an orthodontist, so I started braces in 3rd grade well before I'd lost all of my baby teeth. His rationale was that it would take longer, but get done earlier. So, I got them off in 9th grade. It was a looooong time to have braces, but nice to have them done by high school. My friends that waited until high school only had their for a couple of years, so hopefully Madison's won't take too long either!