Tuesday, June 24, 2008

End Of Our Time In Costa Rica – Thank You

Today is our last full day here in San Jose, Costa Rica. Tomorrow we board a flight to La Ceiba, Honduras. We have been here in Costa Rica for 10 months studying Spanish fulltime. Those of you who pray for us and support us financially have made all this possible. Team Honduras consists of over 140 groups or individuals supporting us financially and over 700 people praying for us regularly. All of you are a huge part of what we do and are equally responsible for all that occurs through our work.

We made this going away video as a way of thanking you for all of your support. If you have ever prayed for us or supported us in anyway this 5 minute video is for you. This video shows all that your support has been able to accomplish in the past 10 months. Thank you and enjoy.


Zoe said...

I'm sure you've already landed and that this is quite an emotional day for you. Filled with excitement, stress, and wonder of the unkown. When its overwhelming, just take a minute to see how far you've come. I'm so happy for you guys!!!!! I can't wait to hear about Honduras and see pictures! Try and stay cool...chuckle chuckle chuckle!

Moorea said...

I am praying for you today. Wow- what a transition.

The McClain's said...

OK...I miss you guys already!
We are praying you'll find a home soon and the visa stuff goes through smoothly!

LOve you all :)

Brooke :)

John Stuart said...

love the video. pretty crazy that 10 months is over, huh? i'm glad you made it safe to la ceiba. i was looking it up the other day. on the coast. cool. or actually hot, more like it. look forward to future posts. glad you made it safe, friends. take care!

Mindy said...

Im praying for you. I love you mucho.