Thursday, June 12, 2008

Athlete banquet

Coach G

Madison enjoying the grub

The track team

On Wednesday, Madison attended a banquet for all the athletes at Soujourn - the school where she attends. There is a teacher there who is the coach for ALL the sports. Now, there aren't really other schools that have sports like these, so the kids often times compete against themselves, or against other students at the school, or even with the adults. Although it's not the perfect scenario, it's still an incredible opportunity for all the kids to be involved in a sport, understand group dynamics, work as a team, etc. The teacher - Ms. Gaumer, coaches basketball, track, and cheerleading. This was a potluck event to commemorate all the kids.

I'm feeling much better today. My head is still incedibly congested, have a good headache still going, but not achey, no fever, and not lethargic like yesterday! Praises to God that this was harsh, but quick!

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