Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movie Review

Okay - this is a first for me, but one that I just felt needed to be said. WARNING - contains spoilers!!!

Two movies:

The Happening (El Fin de los tiempos) is how it was translated into Spanish - the End of Times (found that an interesting choice).
M. Night. One of my movie heroes. An incredibly talented individual! Young, idealistic. He writes, produces and directs all of his movies. Incredible! From The Sixth Sense to Lady in the Water - I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed them all. This, I thought, could be no exception. However, it was. The choices of actors, Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel - a bit strange, but okay, I could go with it. However, their acting skills were much to be desired. It didn't help that the story line was retarded. The potential was there, but the follow-through was horrid! I am one who enjoys suspending my belief during movies - I don't mind aliens, thoroughly enjoy "ray guns" - any flying creature with wings catches my eye. It almost all works for me. This - never did. I kept waiting for the "bad guy", and honestly, I couldn't believe it when I find out what the nemesis is. Seriously, I thought. Can it be so?! NO! But sadly, it was. If you've not seen it - stop here and read no further (although with these kind of reviews I don't know how you would still waste $9.00 to go see it. I felt that my $3.00 (in Costa Rica) was a HUGE overpayment for this movie. The planet was striking back! The trees talking to the shrubs, talking to the grass, all communicating to conspire against the evil white man. Couldn't even get into it. We even managed to wait through all the credits to see if somehow, it would redeem itself with a 30 second clip at the end. But alas, nothing appeared. When the lights came on, we independently looked at each other (there were 4 of us), and unprompted, said some form of "that's stupid", that's "retarded", "waste of time", and many other colorful one-liners. Don't waste those two hours of your life. Stare at the ceiling instead, you may actually be inspired by the specks on the ceiling more than you would be by this movie. Disaster!

The Hulk:

Many of you may not know this about me. I started collecting comics from the age of 8 years old. I saved my allowance, and every week my brother and I would treck down to the local comic book store and buy as many 25 cent comics as we could. They quickly went up to 35 cents, but you could still get a lot for $1.50 a week! Cool! I collected comics all the way through my college life. Needless to say, I accumulated thousands of comic books! Well...when my daughter came along, I thought there certainly was much better ways to spend my money, so my comic collecting days were over. However, I had collected well over 4,000 comics at that point. Slowely over the next few years we sold most of the collection on e-bay. Let me just say that my husband didn't have to pay for any of his Harley chopper with any family money. I'll just say that one comic I sold for $700.00 (first appearance of Wolverine), and $400.00 for an X-Man comic, and that's just a few examples of the beauties I had in my collection. I say all that because I'm one of those irritating, annoying geeks when it comes to comic movies. I love them or hate them. There is NO middle ground. If it's so outside of the realm of the "real" comic hero, as per the comic book, it's not even worth it to me. The first Hulk? Are you kidding me? The original Batman movies? Vomit! This Hulk! Incredible! Worth it from the credits in the beginning of the movie! A MUST see! A bit violent for the little guys out there, but definitely a winner for kids Madison's age and up! I have no complaints! No whining, no pouting, nothing but praises everywhere! And yes, Stan Lee has his cameo in this movie (if you don't know who he is - let me know). But if you know who he is, then I call you a true comic book fan, and am proud of you. Would you also know that Stan Lee makes a cameo in all the Marvel movies? He's like M. Night who does the same (just the voice this time in the above movie-that-shall-not-be-mentioned). Anyway - if you want to talk comics, let me know. As I said, I'm a geek for that kind of things. You should hear the conversations Madison and I have about comics :-) It's pretty darn funny. So mom, how did Storm get her powers, and what's the coolest thing about her? If you were a comic hero, who would you be, or what would your powers be? etc. etc. Good to know that your kid and you have things in common :-). Enjoy The Hulk! (El Hombre Increible). By the way - you know who else makes a cameo? Lou Ferrigno (hope you know who that is :-) If not, let me know.

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Moorea said...

Just saw the Hulk last night. MUCH better than the first. I agree with you. San Lee's cameo at the fridge- and did you see the Italian restaurant was named Stanlea's? Anyhow, that is incredible about your comic book collection. what a "If you knew me..." story!