Saturday, June 28, 2008

The House Game

The last 72 hours has been largely dedicated to finding a home. We have driven past dozens of rental homes and walked through many of those. We think we are close to a decision, but, let me give you a little background and then you can play the House Game.

Our family is the first part of what we pray will be a large MTW team in La Ceiba, Honduras. As the first people on the ground we want to acquire a house that will accommodate small group studies, facilitate social events, house interns and short term mission teams, and be a home for us. Our budget for housing is $800 per month. We will likely be making a decision very soon.

Now that you have all the pertinent information…LET’S PLAY THE HOUSE GAME!!!

I will describe the top three houses and you leave a comment telling me which house you think we should select.

House #1
$1300/month ($500/month over budget)…walking distance to Madison’s school…6 bedrooms…5 baths…furnished…no backyard…big patio…2 stories…very centrally located…could house 24 short term missionaries with bunks.

House #2
$550/month…on the largest and busiest street in La Ceiba (good – you can easily get taxis, bad – noisy)…4 bedrooms (master is HUGE and would be used as a dorm room), plus a loft…3 ½ baths…1 of the bedrooms is a separate building in the back with its own bathroom…2 stories…unfurnished…could house 20 short term missionaries with bunks.

House #3
$500/month…most quiet neighborhood of the three…4 bedroom….2 baths…biggest yard…unfurnished…could house 16 short term missionaries with bunks…1 story…walking distance from the soccer stadium.


Chris said...

Woo Hoo!
House #1!!!
I hope it has the car and not the donkey...

John Stuart said...

Yeah, house game!
Though is option No. 1 really an option with it's expense? It looks really awesome, honestly.

But, I'm a man from the country, and practical. I like some elbow room and beauty, but I'm a realist (sort of). So, my vote has to go with No. 3. Looks like a beauty.

The suspense is killing me...

Anonymous said...

house #1 looks/sounds amazing and nice and roomy living space...buuuuut the price is not so nice...

house #2 depends what busy street it's on since the noise can be a pain...but something you get used to really quickly, especially since everyone likes to beep their the crack of dawn!

house #3 as long as it's in the nicer area within walking distance from the stadium...i've heard that some of the area around the soccer stadium aren't the best...

Zoe said...

House number THREE!

The McClain's said...

My vote is for #3...Here is why: From our experience hosting teams just since we've been guys are new to the area now...being on the main street has advantages when you have people come in from our of town in multiple ways. Also, the room that is separate and off on its own could be a great potential team meeting room, ESL room, Study room, whatever b/c of the fact that it is separate and has its own bathroom. Teams like room to spread out and often need it- just to process all that God is doing around them. Thirdly, the price is great! It may not look the best of the three, but the possibilities seem greater and it has to come down to keeping within your budget.

That being said, #1 is absolutely beautiful!!!

#3 is adorable and the quite street is great and would be wonderful. The question to ask is how far is it from everything and is it feasible when you think about getting teams to and from where they need to be...

Just lay it in the hands of the Lord and let him be your guide :)

Love ya!!

The McClain's said...

PS: #3 only has 2 baths...eeeeekkkk...recuerde la frase "huele mal?" Lo más baños que hay, lo mejor :)

Almost Smith's said...

I vote for #3.. only because it seems the most practical and its gated. Not to mention it looks like a real cute house. Also.. weren't you guys getting into soccer?? (or futbol).. (Im channeling my high school spanish) Anyway, it would be cool to walk to games etc. Im
so glad you guys are doing good and everything is working out..

Ted said...

Hi, Erin. How fun - it's "International House Hunters" on your blog. VERY cool.

I suggest you pick house #2. It's priced right (compared to #1). It's on the main street - which should be helpful for your work with Hondurans. AND it has more bedroom space and baths than #3 (which should be helpful in allowing more gringos short-term missionaries come visit).

I pray that God guides you to choose with HIS wisdom.

Jeri said...

Is this a test?
House number 1 seems great but too pricey. Unless of course being furnished is saving you money so you can then afford a little more...

You didn't say how far hose 2 and 3 are from Maddy's school, so I am thinking they are close enough as well.

House 2 seems great with the extra place in the back and all, but I think the noise would get to me.

House 3 is my vote: It is roomy enough, in the right price range and has a yard. You can plant your mint! The yard alone will be the thing to have for those Barbecues when people bring steaks from the States! I also noticed you said close to the soccer stadium which seems to fit you guys :-)

Which ever you pick, will be awesome. We will be excited to visit you guys no matter where you are.

Keep us posted, I can't wait to hear your decision.

We Love you all


Mindy said...

I'll just pray. They all look great. Some more obvious than others. Whichever it is, I trust it will meet all your needs.

Moorea said...

I pick house #2 ~We'll see what the Lord picks 'eh? I'll be Praying for
you! (Good thing you don't have to roll any dice with the Lord.)