Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Mighty Hunter

There are MANY things I have become acustomed to while living in Costa Rica. Those things include: handwashing my dishes, shocking refrigerators, hanging our clothes, rain everyday, noise polution, humidity, etc. However, there is one thing that will NEVER be on that list, and that's cockroaches. Now, being a California girl, I've never had to encounter these awful little beasts. The worst thing in my world was a black widow, or the one time brown recluse I smashed to smitherenes. Those of you from the South may be wondering why I just don't like these critters, but I've decided that the world would be a better place without them.

Here is the situation. Living in a tropical environment allows these critters to thrive EVERYWHERE! And, with the coming of the rainy season, even these guys don't like getting drenched out in the streets, so they head for cover. Now, I always wondered how huge spiders ever made it into my house in the states, but I've REALLY got to wonder how these guys get in. Our place is like Fort Knox! Because it's made of cinderblocks, and doors without so much as a crack on the bottom (better protection against crooks breaking in), I can only assume that they slither/sneak their way in through the pipes.

Now, one thing about bugs - I usually assist the poor critter outdoors. Yes, you could say I have a soft heart. If you know me well enough you probably have heard tale of the numerous birds, turtles, snakes, bats (yes, even bats), etc. that I have rescued. Spiders and bugs in my house fall under the same category. They don't mean to get into our house, and do a lot of good in the world, so I get them back out to do their jobs (the black widow and the brown recluse were exceptions to this rule). Back to cockroaches - they do NOT fall into this category. However, they also do not fall into the "I'll just go squish them" category either. Have you ever stepped on one?! Disgusting and crunchy describes the after effects. So - here has been my game plan:

1. spray thoroughly with "Mata Todo" (Kill all). This starts to work almost immediately as it hits their nervous system, and they aren't quite as quick. However, it takes about 5 minutes for them to die, and I don't want dead cockroach carcasses in my house so...
2. Put on rubber cleaning glove.
3. Run around like a crazy mad woman chasing after the now slower, yet still squirming cockroach
4. Successfully catch with my rubber encased hand
5. Open back door
6. Throw with all my might against the back wall until you hear a satisfying crunch
7. Smile with glee that you have been the mightier hunter
8. Return to your husband, the proud hunter, chest held high that you have accomplished the task!
9. Rest peacefully, but knowing that tomorrow night, another beast of the most disgusting kind will once again invade your home, and the hunt will continue.

Die cockroach! Die!!


Karine and Tom said...

It sounds like we'll be Honduran neighbors in El Sauce! I'm not sure about other houses in our neighborhood, but we've been fairly free of cockroaches this year. Hopefully you will have similar luck! Looking forward to meeting you in August or so.

Sonia said...

I saw your photo and jumped a bit. Grosssss.

Melanie said...

It's crazy isn't it? I'm somehow growing in my tolerance of eating food while ants crawl on the table on sometimes eating around the ants. :)