Saturday, January 26, 2008

We climbed a mountain today

Here is a 3 minute 30 second video of our hike up the mountain:

Our starting elevation (4th line down)

Our elevation at the top of the mountain! (4th line down)

The cross at the top of Cerro San Miguel (St. Michael hill). La Cruz de Alajuelita overlooks Alajuelita valley.

Today our family and 9 other people from our school, and our friends Antonio and Lapiz all climbed up this huge, very trying, very tiring, huge mountain. The cross on the top of this mountain can be seen from all over the valley of San Jose -it's that high up - 6,722 feet to be exact! The ascent took us about 2 hours, and once at the top we took this "victory" picture, and walked a short way to a grassy area for a much needed, well deserved lunch! We stayed at the top of the hill for about an hour, enjoying the accomplishment, each others company, and the sheer beauty of God's creation! Check out the video above for more pictures. All in all we ascended 2,856 feet during our trip. Most everyone took a tumble at one time or another. Some of the paths we climbed up were over 45 degree angle tiny, rocky paths! No paved roads around here. We were all trying to figure out how they got the material for the cross. There are three crosses in all, more elaborate the higher you go. Incredible trip! One we have wanted to make since we have been here. We are hoping for at least one more chance to climb up, sometime before we leave Costa Rica.


John Stuart said...

good ol' antonio. i love that hike too. wish i coulda done it during the dry season. those little paths you described were completely sodden during our tromp up and down in Noviembre. what can you do...

Dan said...

I'm a little concerned about the max speed on your GPS there. :-)