Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day off

Our first day off in a LONG TIME!!! We had intended on going to the farmers market, but we (Madison and I) had such an enjoyable time sleeping in (much needed), that we didn't get out there. We understand that the earlier the better as the best picked go first, of course - so we are going to get out there next weekend.

Madison needed to get 8 bugs for a science project. So we went to the local park and went on an insect hunt - first was a cockroach (cucaracha) of course, we also caught 2 butterflies (mariposas), a HUGE red ant, a caterpillar type thing, a wasp nest with 3 really irritated wasps, a fly, and bee. Fun time all around. She now has to write up info about each insect.

Here is a video tour of our bathroom (narrated by Mike). Why?! you may ask. Because it's how we live our daily lives, and worth seeing what we are growing accustomed to :-) Yikes! Enjoy!

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Ted said...

We love the videos. Thank you!