Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun day

Jaco Playa (Jaco beach)

Stanley at the beach (expression added :-)

If you have a chance, read our main blog to get additional info on our trip to the beach, but here is from my perspective. We started our day bright and early. Not a problem as we have all been up early since we have been here. We managed to catch the bus, and were about 30 minutes into the ride when Madison started groaning. What honey? I innocently asked. She had that green look on her face. The road was QUITE windy, and no way for her to look straight ahead. Next thing I know, I felt like I was back at work in the hospital with a sick child throwing up on me...poor baby. I just grabbed the first thing I could find - my Mickey Mouse embroidered sweatshirt. She only managed to get my shoe and part of my pants, the rest of it made it on the sweatshirt. Mike was sitting a few rows away from us, so he was oblivious to it all. She managed to get every last bit of items out of her stomach and felt oh so much better :-) Once we got to our location, my first business was to find a farmacia (drugstore). They had dramamine, and 30 minutes before our ride home I gave her some and she was asleep before we left town. She made it home just fine. An AWESOME day of relaxation, and the final stop for Stanley (see prior blog entry). So - this is a farewell to Stanley, I think he had a great trip to Costa Rica!

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lukepettengill said...

Wow...who's the hottie in the bathing suit. shes cute. wait.... is that madison! ....ewwwwww! haha. love you guys!

your charmingly good looking nephew,