Tuesday, September 18, 2007

La Bou and Costco a la Costa Rica

We have managed to find a few places where things don't cost an arm and a leg around here. The first, as shown a few days ago - the farmers market. GREAT deal of fruits/veggies. Now, where to buy bread? The local bread from Bimbo's (no Wonder bread around here), costs about $2.50 for a loaf. Not bad, you may say - that's what I pay in the states. Well, true - but when everything else costs twice as much - you gotta save where you can. We have two bakeries very close to our house. If we go a different way home from school - tags on about 2 minutes walking we can make it to Mus Manni. Fresh bread for less than a dollar! Ahhh...fresh bread everyday! Yum! Our second "discovery" is Costa Rica's answer to Costco. Think bulk - this is where you go. But again, think location. You won't find bulk beans or rice like this in the states:

That's 17.6 pounds of red beans, and 22 pounds of rice - for under $2 TOTAL! That should last us a week or two :-)

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