Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our daily walk to school

heading out to school

The local police "station" a block from our house

The closest park to us

view of downtown San Jose

Main street we walk down every day

Madison and dad stopping for a little fun

The sweetest little stray dog we see almost every morning

some of the local flowers

Madison entering the back gate to school

So caught up are we in the daily "survival" mode of the day, we often forget to stop and look around at the beauty that is in this country. I thought I would capture our walk to school each morning so you all can see what we see every day. It's beautiful here. We really haven't had an opportunity to see the countryside at all. The most we have seen is downtown, although it's nice, it's a big city. We hope to go on a day trip in the near future to some of the countryside area to capture the beauty of this county. Anyway - enjoy our walk with us to school.

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Mindy said...

you arent thinking about adopting a stray dog are you???? LOL Thanks for the walk. It was just what I needed.