Friday, August 31, 2007


  • Another beautiful day in Costa Rica. Well...we were chancing the odds. We washed our clothes yesterday and hung them on the clothes line hoping they would be fine by the time we got back from school. The rain hits here from around 2pm until about 8pm. Well...about 2 hours into school, the biggest rain storm we have seen yet hit. That's when we thought of our poor clothes hanging on the line. By the time we got home, you would have thought we jumped in a pool, how wet they were.
  • Madison did well at school yesterday. We shall see how today goes as she continues to settle in. Homework is a whole new concept for her, having been homeschooled for so long, but she seems to be doing fairly well.
  • More orientation today, day off tomorrow! YEAH! Think we are going to try and hit the farmers market and get some fresh veggies and fruit - of course then we are going to have to soak them for 30 minutes in bleach water - welcome to Costa Rica!

  • Wanna see what rain looks like in Costa Rica? Go here:

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The Nolls said...

WOW! it sounds like you all are doing so well. I was just wondering while I was reading how much you all pay for your fruits and veggies...the prices here make me wanna fast :) happy weekend!