Tuesday, September 11, 2007

study time

Family at study time

Dad and Madison studying Spanish

No rest for the weary. Our typical schedule from the time we get home, until about 30 minutes before we go to bed is to do homework, eat, finish homework, study vocabulary, settle down and get ready for bed, asleep by 10:30pm, up each morning around 5:30...whew! As we are all in school, it has been a little challenging to ensure we each get homework and study time. Madison is needing help with math, Spanish, and her spelling. That's what you get for teaching phonetics - that's how she spells. Funny thing is - when you sound out the word the way she spelled it - it's correct! Of course, most of the times that's not how it's ACTUALLY spelled - so the work goes on :-) She is excelling in Science, doing fairly well in History, but struggling a bit with the routine of school - homework, turning in papers on time, getting her books from her locker, etc. Quite a rigid routine for someone who only remembers our casual school times. But, she is a flexible kid, and is starting to get right into the routine as well.

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