Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Month in Reflection

Today is our one month anniversary of being in Costa Rica. Looking back it seems we just got here, but it also seems like we have been here for quite some time. I feel comfortable going places, the mall, the bakery and the store by myself now. That's a good feeling. It gives you a sense of freedom. It is also interesting what we have become accustomed to that would have seen so odd not even a month ago. Washing dishes by hand, throwing TP in el basurero (trash can), cooking everything from scratch, torrential aguaceras (downpours), and speaking Spanish everyday; Madison going to school, homework, tests, notes, detention (yes, once so far), gymnastics, and walking, walking, walking; taking the bus, and never watching TV. All in all, we are happy with our time here so far, we are managing, although somedays it seems to take so much time to do anything! Our days fly by because of school and how much time it takes to do everything. Many good experiences, a few bad ones.

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