Friday, September 14, 2007

Tests and Independence Day

The school kids at the assembly.

Erin with a ferol - that's a representation of the torch carried from Guatemala to Costa Rica. They don't do fireworks, they light a candle inside the ferol and carry them around.

Our "parade" around school.

It's been a week full of tests! Mike had a test yesterday, I had three today, and Madison had two! My oh my! Mike received an A on his test. I only received the grade back from one of the tests - an A. The other two I feel pretty good about. Probably an A on the second, the third test was my grammar test - tons of regular and irregular verb conjugations. Not just the conjugations, but we were given an "answer" to a question, and we had to devise the question using the same verb, but of course conjugated correctly. We also were given a word, and we had to create a sentence using that verb, probably conjugated. A very difficult and long test. Will find out the results on Monday. Madison had a Math and Spelling test today. She feels pretty good about both of them. She received some papers back today - high marks on almost all of them. Overall, it appears we are all doing fairly well. All thanks given to God for keeping us alert during class.

Today our school celebrated independence day for Costa Rica. The students had a "parade" around campus, we sung the Costa Rican National Anthem, heard about the history of their independence (all in Spanish), and raised the C.R. flag. Neat to be there for a piece of history.

Noble patria, tu hermosa bandera
(noble mother country, your beautiful flag)
Expresion de tu vida nos da;
(Expression of your life you give to us; )
Bajo el limpido azul de tu cielo
(under the clear blue of the sky)
Blanca y pura descansa la paz.
(pure and white she rests in peace)

It's a "loose translation" - the best I could do - not sure if it holds the true meaning of their national anthem. This is the first stanza.

It's been a LONG week, and we are more than ready for a rest - we may only adventure out to go see a movie tomorrow and nothing more. We shall see.

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